2007: I arrive home from work, flop down on the couch and look around.  Is this it?  I had everything a recent grad could hope for: my own place, a stable job in the public service and a good income.  So why did I feel so persistently unhappy?  Why didn’t I feel more grateful?

2017: I arrive home from work, greet my husband hello and check my email.  My latest doc project is an official selection for Brooklyn Web Fest and it’s been nominated for two awards!  A few weeks later and I am in New York, surrounded by like-minded web series creators.  I am right where I want to be and it’s hard to contain the happiness that wants to burst out.  Tomorrow it all culminates with the local screening premiere in Ottawa.

My cynical self could not imagine this happening 10 years ago, but if it’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you too.  The first step is a shift in your mindset, to decide you want something more out of this life and that you are worthy of it.  As the Artist, Comic Book Creator and Cosplayer in The Secret Lives of Public Servants exemplify, we are more than just our day jobs, the titles on paper and what lines our pocketbooks.  Start considering what is necessary for you to lead a more fulfilling life and let’s chat about how you can get there.


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