What's your creative calling?

A creative calling is the need to share your unique voice as an artist, because it gives your life meaning.

Let’s work together to find yours and nurture it.

What You Get

Does this sound like you:

  • You lack the mental and physical energy to be creative
  • You feel like you are just not “good enough” to make it in your desired creative field
  • You wake up each day wondering what the point of it all is
  • You grew up focused on finding a more practical career than one as an artist
  • You are not excited by your day job and telling strangers what you do for a living
  • You want to do something else with your life, but can’t afford to spend a lot of $ finding alternative options


Hi there, my name is Amen and I’m a Creative Coach.  Through my five-week one-on-one coaching program, I would like to work with you to help you achieve the following:

  • Learn to listen to your inner voice and figure out your creative purpose or calling
  • Feel confident about your unique innate talents and abilities and share it with the world
  • Empower yourself with tools and techniques to pursue your creative purpose on a daily basis
  • Find opportunities that give you the experience you need and recognition of your talents and strengths

…but most of all, I want you to feel happier, excited and more energized about leading a life that makes sense to you and gives you fulfillment.  Click below to schedule a free strategy session with me and we’ll explore your current challenges, as well as determine if you and I are a good fit!

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Amen (Ai-mehn) Jafri

I spent many years unhappy with what I was doing in life.  I scrawled, "I want to be more creative" in my notebook over and over again, not knowing where to begin or where to turn.  After reading multiple self-help and career books I realized my interest in film and television.  It then took another several years to slowly build up my experience in the film industry, which I did while working 9-5.  So believe me, I get it.  I know what it's like to have that feeling in your gut, to know you don't belong in your current life and the relentless hunger for creative ambition, without being able to articulate it aloud.  I know the fear and lows that comes with all of that too.  I want you to avoid repeating my mistakes.

Here's my story.  I worked for 10 years in the federal public service, in communications and HR, specifically around the people side: talent management, career development and workplace well-being.  I have also worked in film and television production: the feature thriller Penthouse North (starring Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan), Radio Canada's Toi et moi: malgr√© tout and in the broadcasting sector, in Acquisitions at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.  I made my first film, The City That Fun Forgot?, without any prior experience and it had a sold-out premiere in 2014, garnering local and national media coverage.  Since then, my other works have been shortlisted for the TVO Short Doc Contest and screened for TVO, the American Documentary Film Festival, Brooklyn Web Fest and more.  I am also a 2018 Fellow for the Hot Docs Doc Accelerator Lab.